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We've spent years climbing the mountain. Building our careers, hustling. Delivering against OKRs. Launching projects, launching products. Cramming way too many meetings into a day. Feeling like no matter how much we gave in a day, it wasn't enough, and somehow the things that mattered most were sacrificed. Feeling like we always had to show up at 110% just to keep up. Does it have to be this hard? Do the work and the obligations have to come first? 

That's what started a 10+ year journey of learning, of growth, of figuring out how to regain balance, how to overcome overwhelm and burnout, and how to find and live on purpose. Someone else should get to learn from all that hard work, the work that allowed us to spend less time being busy, and more time being present. Less time in meetings, and more time creating. Less time frustrated and burned out, and more time feeling like it really matters.

We want to share that with you, because we think everyone should break free from busyiness, from overwhelm, and get to create a life that is meaningful, spacious and joyful. As much as possible, as often as possible.

Live on Purpose with Mindfulness Incubator

Mindfulness Bites

Check out bite sized courses, worksheets, articles and resources, meant to help you troubleshoot a particular challenge or difficulty. 


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The Mindfulness Incubator Program

Join us on a 12 week deep dive program that is built around three phases that will help you disrupt the inertia in your life, and get on the path to living on purpose:

(1) Create space, hone in on your priorities and build baseline practices to boost your resilience.

(2) Explore what brings you joy and meaning. Craft small experiments. Practice setting boundaries and exercising priorities. 

(3) Define actionable goals, create a compelling vision for your future. Create a system that makes success inevitable. 

The 12 week program includes weekly courses, tools and resources, an exclusive community and is designed to be actionable.

We promise time ROI: you'll create more space than you invest if you follow apply the principles!

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Transformational Retreats

Join us for an incomparable 3 night Glamping Getaway in the incredible New Mexico Galisteo Basin Preserve, 20 minutes outside of Santa Fe. This retreat is an exclusive partnership with KitFox, Dig + Serve and Mindfulness Incubator, curated to create an exceptional experience for you to unplug, renew and get inspired.  

photo by @freedomwaffle 

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