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The Time Boundary Blueprint for Busy Professionals

Eliminate time traps while confidently setting time boundaries and creating space for what matters most.

A 30 day Program launching on November 30th, 2022

There's not a single career woman we know who doesn't constantly feel busy and overwhelmed. It feels like every day we're trying to fit two days worth of stuff into a 24 hour period. We end up feeling fried and distracted in the moments that matter. 

Women overwhelmingly carry the mental load at home, and own most of the invisible work at our jobs. The logistics of keeping a life running well-ish feel impossible: work schedules, school schedules, activities, sports, camps, meal planning, buying groceries, cooking, cleaning, organizing, remembering registrations, doctors and dentist appointments, vet visits, planning vacations and birthday parties, social and family visits. 

Most of us are feeling more stressed, more busy, and more burned out than we were pre-pandemic. Things aren't going in the right direction, we need a reset. 

We weren't meant to live life feeling like we're always two steps behind, were we? 

That's what this program is about: reclaiming your time, getting back in the driver's seat of your schedule, and learning how to keep yourself from getting buried under an avalanche of to-dos all over again. 

In this program, you'll take a fresh look at what's taking up space in your life. Where are you giving away your time in service of other people's priorities? Or because you are worried about (or don't know how) to say no? Where have you settled into the "default" way of doing things because it's easier, and let's be honest you don't have capacity to think of a different way? 

This program will teach you the easy actions and steps that you can implement immediately to get you back in control of your time. You'll learn a proven, tested framework for creating space for what really matters.

This isn't theory, this is a tried-and-tested, proven set of steps that were developed by busy exec professional women. They work. You'll learn tools that have given ultra-overloaded ladies real time back, created space to show up for what matters, and the tools to be present.

We know what it's like to have too much to do, so there's no fluff in this program. We cut to the chase, and give you only the information you need for immediate impact. 

Here's how your life will change through this program:

  • A Time Inventory will give you a cold dose of reality. Just the facts to equip you to change your life for the better. 
  • You'll learn and implement the essential steps to get stuff off your plate, or to take less space on your plate. How do you identify where you can get time back? How do you get out of it? Claim HOURS back each week by taking a fresh perspective on your schedule. 
  • You'll learn how to be fully present. You'll learn how to fully show up for all the moments, whether they are spent doing things you have to do, or things you want to do. Kick the guilt of feeling like your #1 people are getting your #2 self with some super simple strategies. 
  • You'll confidently develop time boundaries, and implement them with ease. This super crucial skill is how you keep all kinds of new stuff from creeping in on your new found space. 
  • You will learn the busy-woman-approved change strategy that works every time, while booting the pressure of "yet another thing to do". 
  • You'll learn how to disarm the "overwhelm spiral", and how to shift your mindset 

This program will take you from too-busy to reclaiming time for what matters most. You'll have a framework that helps you systematically eliminate time traps, and feel confident in exercising your new time boundaries.

But I'm already too busy, how will I have time for this program?

So glad you asked. This program is designed for and by busy professionals. You'll get just the essential facts to implement time-saving changes. Take the course anywhere by listening to the lessons on video or audio, or read the transcripts if you prefer. You can learn while walking, driving, exercising, or waiting for an appointment. Don't worry about taking notes, you'll get a TL;DR for each lesson that you can save or print. Know exactly how to action the content by following the simple step by step process in the worksheets. 

Do you promise?

Our commitment is that by following the program, you'll immediately create space in your schedule, and feel more in control of your time. If you complete the course, and follow the steps, and don't get AT LEAST 2x return on your time-investment, we'll refund your course fee. 

When does it start?

The course will officially launch on November 30th.

This session is off and running, but if you'd like to participate in the future, get on the waitlist for our next cohort of The Time Boundary Blueprint!

Meet your facilitator

Stephanie G.

Stephanie will be the program host and facilitator facilitator. 

Stephanie is deeply passionate about wellness. Her experience spans 17+ years in Tech and Management Consulting. She's currently a Senior Director leading a complex organization in a global Silicon Valley based tech company.

Stephanie is an experienced workshop and program developer and facilitator. She holds an Executive Coaching Certification from the Hudson Institute, as well as a Holistic Health Counseling Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Stephanie is mom to twin elementary aged kids and is a nature lover, lifelong learner, and outdoor enthusiast. She is passionate about helping professional women live with more ease and purpose, and has created a series of workshops and facilitated experiences for our retreat!

Stephanie is an incredible facilitator who lead us through practical exercises that we can apply in our everyday life to improve the quality of our life and relationships day to day. " - Kelly M. 

Stephanie's workshop facilitation was exceptional. Every topic helped me understand myself better. " - Sarah M. 


Learn about Time Boundary Blueprint from our Facilitator...

In this five minute clip (taken from our recent workshop - Navigating the Holidays with Presence & Ease), Stephanie highlights the Time Boundary Blueprint program structure, and what you can expect to learn.

Your program roadmap


Our welcome module will share a clear program roadmap, so you have everything you need to be successful in navigating the experience. You'll learn where to find relevant information, how to set yourself up for success, and the support available for you. 


Module 1 

Our first module is about building time awareness. We'll shift our understanding of time, exploring some of the most common time fallacies, and introducing a new mindset for how to look at time. We'll get a brutally honest understanding of where your time is actually going as you're guided through ways to assess your commitments. Then we'll set time goals, that will be the foundation of our time creation exercises for module 2. 


Module 2

The second module is about creating space in your day. We go through three levers to give you time back, identifying tangible ways you can immediately create more space and ease in your life. We'll introduce the concept of experiment design as an implementation strategy, and guide you through the design and execution of easy experiments that you can do right away. You'll end module 2 with some concrete action that frees up significant recurring time in your schedule.

Module 3

In the third module, we delve into time boundaries. Time boundaries are how you keep new stuff from getting on your plate, and how you hold the space you created for what matters to you. In this module, you'll build your own boundaries, and build the confidence to exercise them consistently. 

Module 4

In the fourth modules, we get into how we can actually be fully present in the time and space we create. This includes learning some strategies for busting overwhelm when it creeps into our mindshare, and building some super doable practices that help you show up in the way you want to.

Our free gift to you...

7 common time traps that keep career women feeling overwhelmed....and 7 easy actions to start defeating them today!

Learn about some of the most common ways our time runs away from us, and simple steps you can implement TODAY that will put you back in charge of your schedule. 

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