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Mindfulness Incubator was created to help you:
Beat burnout and overwhelm
Build space and resilience
Create a joyful and meaningful life


We see you...

We know how much you're trying to manage: your career, your family, your household, your obligations. 

So many of us feel like we're not in the driver's seat of our own lives. We're constantly responding to what everyone else needs from us. How did we even end up here? 

Somehow, our needs end up in the backseat. We somehow wound up busy, overwhelmed, over-scheduled, drained and distracted. We aren’t present to our lives, and we aren’t showing up for ourselves. 

Mindfulness Incubator was created by busy executive moms who are passionate about wellness and wellbeing. Our mission is to enable you to live with more space, ease and intention. We do this by creating new helpful content (almost) every week, including lots of free resources and workbooks, offering workshops and interactive programs, and facilitating our signature retreat

How would our experience of our lives change with more awareness and intention? 

What amazing things could happen if we showed up for ourselves and each other? 

How would life be different if our energy was aligned to what lights us up? 

Our light and our power shine brightest when we live our life on purpose. The collective impact of all of us living with intention could be revolutionary. 

That’s why we’re here. Join us.

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The Time Boundary Blueprint for Busy Professionals is here!

Change your relationship to your to-do list in 4 short weeks. In this transformational program, you'll:

  • Build time awareness through a Time Inventory. Just the facts to equip you to change your life for the better.
  • Learn and implement the essential steps to get stuff off your plate, or to take less space on your plate. You'll reclaim HOURS back each week by taking a fresh perspective on your schedule.
  • Learn how to be fully present. You'll learn how to fully show up for all the moments, whether they are spent doing things you have to do, or things you want to do.
  • Kick the guilt of feeling like your #1 people are getting your #2 self with some super simple strategies.
  • Confidently develop time boundaries, and implement them with ease. This super crucial skill is how you keep all kinds of new stuff from creeping in on your new found space.
  • Learn the busy-woman-approved change strategy that works every time, while booting the pressure of "yet another thing to do".
  • Learn how to disarm the "overwhelm spiral", and how to shift your mindset

Enrollment is opens periodically for our live cohort! Learn more, or get on the waitlist here

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We're Here to Help.


Live with more purpose and ease. Explore resilience basics, taking breaks, self reflection, and more.


Our new busy-busting program is launching in November. Mastermind, workshops and more programs coming in 2023!

Free Resources

Free downloadable resources to build your wellbeing, resilience, goal setting, prioritization and more.


An immersive experience of complete renewal, where you’ll completely reset and build resilience-boosting skills.

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Retreats at any budget (including DIY!)

Jun 23, 2024


Download our exclusive E-Book: Mindfulness & Resilience Basics. In its 50+ pages of content and worksheets, you'll learn actionable practices to build your resilience and live a more intentional life.

Allow Mindfulness Incubator to be your sidekick in a path to a joyful & meaningful life! Private workshops, weekly updates, inspiration and much more.