Recharge and Reset: Unleash Your Full Potential at the Mindfulness Incubator Retreat

diy retreat retreat Jun 23, 2024

Mindfulness Incubator was created to support and encourage everyone to find a bit more ease and intentionality in everyday life. We see so many of the incredible, talented, wonderful women around us with overflowing to-do lists, holding the mental load at work and at home, responding and reacting to the expectations and priorities of everyone else (partners, colleagues, kids, aging parents...) Change is constant. Sometimes it feels like life is accelerating. We have to find the resources to adapt and to cope, to keep ourselves moving through it, and somehow still manage to be the rock for everyone else. We have to find ways to build our resilience, and to create meaningful moments of recovery so we can keep moving forward.

How do we create the capacity to thrive through all these shifts and changes? Are we living in ways that aligns with what lights us up? Are we investing in ourselves so that we can show up fully to the joys and the challenges of our lives? 

Mindfulness Incubator is committed to creating resources and tools that help our community (that's you dear reader) live with more ease, purpose and intention, especially when things get tough. These resources and articles are organized across our blog posts and our resource library. Dozens of downloads that include research, worksheets and step by step processes to help you do everything from setting goals, making the most of your vacations, creating space and setting boundaries. Tools to help you get more out of life, and so you can have more joy  (like our Summer Bucket List guide) and feel present for the fun moments big and small.

We know that for many, these small, every day interventions make a BIG difference. But we also know that they might not be enough. When you have been running as fast as you can, for way too long, a bigger reset might be needed, and investing in one is profoundly transformational.

That’s why we created the Mindfulness Incubator Retreat.

It feels like time stands still during this ultra-exclusive 4 day, 3 night experience. The frantic pace of daily life pauses, and you become the center of your attention. This retreat is one of the rare moments where your well-being is the top priority, and every part of the experience has been curated to create the space and support for you to recharge, reflect, and reconnect to yourself.

During the retreat, you'll build your resilience and reignite your passions. You'll be inspired by the people, the experiences, and the of course the sweeping views of this gorgeous natural setting.

When we designed the Mindfulness Incubator Resilience Immersion, we created exactly what we needed: a real moment of renewal-and self care, complemented by guided programming and experiences that will support you long after the retreat has officially ended. You'll return to your life and routines with energy, inspiration and resources . This is truly an investment in you. 

Even when we recognize we need the renewal, we often struggle to give ourselves permission to invest in our own wellbeing and resilience. It can be hard to step away from our jobs, our families, our responsibilities, and focus solely on ourselves. We think… “I’ll do it later”, or “It will be easier when the kids are older”, or “I'll do something like this when things are less busy at work”, or “When my business is further along I'll have earned this”, or “When I’ve gotten a promotion, I'll take time off”. We are masters of creating reasons why this isn’t the right time, or why we don’t feel we deserve it (but someday we definitely will!). 

Many of our prior retreat participants struggled with these narratives. ALL of them are happy they made the call to come. ALL of them feel that they got something meaningful out of the experience. Most of them felt it was truly transformational for them. Our guest have come back for their second, or third retreat. You can learn more about their experiences here

YOU are worth investing in yourself. YOU are worth creating space and time that’s just for you. YOU deserve to get reenergized and inspired about your life. 

During this retreat, you'll explore goal and vision setting, habits and routines, resilience, and prioritization. You'll delve into the beliefs and structures that hold you back, and explore how you can recast the stories you tell yourself about who you are and how you show up in difficult times. These workshops provide practical insights and tools that you can apply to your everyday life, helping you create positive changes and momentum for months and years to come. Throughout the retreat, you'll also have the opportunity to engage in unique experiences that foster mindfulness, spaciousness, and resilience. You'll build your capacity to cope with setbacks and obstacles. You'll have greater awareness of how you can bring intention and passion into your life. You'll remember who you are when you are at your best.

The magic starts on September 19, 2024 at KitFox, a Luxury Glamping Resort 20 minutes from Santa Fe, NM. Learn much much more about the Mindfulness Incubator Retreat, including providers and facilitators, and more about the gorgeous location and the delicious food. We have the entirety of the KitFox glamping resort at our disposal for this event, with only 11 Luxury Glamping Tents. Most of those are already booked. Will you be one of the amazing women that helps make this experience unforgettable? 

Download our Retreat Information Packet here, including a sample itinerary, a preview of the amazing retreat team assembled to curate this experience, and what our guests have to say about their time at prior Mindfulness Incubator Retreats.

You can also read a more detailed recap of a prior retreat in this blog post. While the agenda will look a little different, it will give you a sense of what you can expect. 


DIY Retreat

If you're unable to join us for the upcoming retreat, we've got you covered. Our mission is for EVERYONE to find more space and ease, so we’ve created a DIY retreat guide so you can access a bit of that space and ease, no matter where you are and what your financial situation might be. Download our guide, Creating a DIY Personal Retreat, which outlines the six essential elements to create your own nourishing experience right at home. Recharge your batteries anywhere, at any budget.


Invest in yourself, recharge your spirit, and embark on a transformative journey at the Mindfulness Incubator Retreat. It's an experience you won't want to miss. We can't wait to welcome you to the Mindfulness Incubator Retreat, where transformation begins.


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