The Mindful Gift Guide - 10 gift ideas that will ground, grow, support and inspire!

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Looking for inspiration on original, thoughtful gifts for your loved ones (or….for yourself)? Read on for Mindfulness Incubator’s 10 favorite gift ideas for the 2021 Holidays!

A note: We are not affiliates of any of these companies. We don’t receive any benefit from sharing these ideas. We just love these products and services and believe in them, and want to share them with you!

1. BestSelf Cards

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What it is: BestSelf offers an impressive lineup of “discovery decks”, which are decks of cards that help boost connection, creativity and contemplation. 

Price point: Most decks are between $15-$25

Why we love it: Asking deeper questions has been proven to cultivate closer connection and deeper relationships. A contemplative practice helps us grow and develop. Leverage these decks to propel your relationships and your mindset to the next level! They even have cards dedicated towards developing greater intimacy with a partner, deepening connection with kids, or building rapport with colleagues. 

Where to buy it: 


2. Archer & Olive Journals and Gift Boxes


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What it is: Archer & Olive have created a spectacular lineup of notebooks of all shapes and sizes. Lined, blank or dotted, each journal is 100% vegan and has thick, bleed-proof paper. If you’re buying for anyone with an art affinity or journaling habit, this will feel like a treat every time they open their book up!

Price point: Journals are $23-42; Gift boxes and bundles $50-75

Why we love it: Archer & Olive is a female owned company with an amazing commitment to sustainability and giving back. Their notebooks are our favorite for writing, sketching, watercolor, bullet journaling. Their gorgeous eco-friendly packaging is luxurious, and writing on these brilliant, heavy pages feels positively decadent. 

Where to buy it: 


3. Mantraband Mandala Affirmation Necklaces


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What it is: Mantraband’s newest lineup of stunning Mandal Affirmation necklaces. The collection features affirmations like “I am enough”, “I choose joy”, “I am resilient” and “I am strong and powerful”. 

Price point: Necklaces are $111 for gold plated sterling silver, and $105 for sterling silver. They regularly run promotions!

Why we love it: We love the idea of something that’s not only beautiful, but also a powerful reminder of a positive intention. Mantraband’s whole business is based around sharing inspiring messages. They are also a member of 1% For The Planet.

Where to buy it: 


4. The Earthling Co Starter Kit

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What it is: The Earthling Co’s Starter Kit is designed to cut your waste. It includes a shampoo and conditioner bar, a bar saver bag, bamboo holder and a soap. These bars smell fantastic, last a ridiculously long time, and are environmentally friendly

Price point: Individual bars are $15, the starter kit is $50

Why we love it: The Earthling Co was founded to help combat the massive amount of waste the typical lifestyle creates. By choosing shampoo, condition and soap bars, you’re reducing packaging, plastic waste and transportation environmental impacts. The Earthling Co also has a commitment to total supply chain transparency, are certified Climate Neutral and are also members of 1% For The Planet. 

Where to buy it: 


5. Skinnytaste Cookbooks


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What it is: Gina Homolka has created an INCREDIBLE series of cookbooks that feature flavorful, vegetable-forward meals of every cuisine. 

Price point: $18.99 

Why we love it: When we’re cooking up a recipe, there’s a >90% probability that it’s coming from one of the Skinnytaste cookbooks, or from the equally amazing Skinnytaste site. These recipes are delicious, kid and mom approved, and most importantly they leave you feeling great after you eat. In fact, tonight we’re making the Spicy Stir-Fried Chicken and Shredded Brussels Bowls (One and Done, p. 29). Don’t be mistaken, this isn’t a “diet” cookbook. It’s a delicious food cookbook, and any of them would make a great gift. 

Where to buy it: Check out the skinnytaste website for all the places you can buy 


6. Daily Harvest Delivery Gift Box (or Gift Card)


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What it is: Single serving frozen smoothie cups, soups or harvest bowls (and more) just add water and heat or blend!

Price point: You can send a $75 gift box that allows the recipient to pick 9 items, or a gift card ($50-$200).

Why we love it: Sometimes it’s hard to make sure you’re getting your fruit & veg, and it can be tempting to reach for something easy that has us feeling weighed down and gross. We love daily harvest smoothies and harvest bowls for a quick and nutritious meal. They are committed to a regenerative approach, thoughtful sourcing of produce that’s flash frozen for maximum nutrition. 

Where to buy it: 


7. Lifeboost Coffee

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What it is: Delicious, delicious coffee of every kind, roast, flavor and bean type that’s also impressively easy on the digestive system. 

Price point: Bags from $34.95, gift boxes from $50

Why we love it: We’re obsessed with coffee, and Lifeboost is among the best we’ve ever tried. Their coffees are single origin, fair trade, and tested to be mold and chemical free. 

Where to buy it: 


8. Insight Timer Membership


Photo credit: @insighttimer Instagram

What it is: Insight timer is a meditation and relaxation app. InsightTimer has every kind of meditation you could think of: every duration, music, silent, voice over. With MemberPlus, you can also unlock courses and premium features (like offline listening, rewinding).

Price point: The basic app is free, MemberPlus is $60 per year

Why we love it: We’ve probably logged over 1,000 days of meditation with InsightTimer. We love their playlist options, their focus music, their guided programs and courses. The app offers a huge variety, so there’s something for everyone!

Where to buy it:


9. Book of the Month Club


Photo credit: @bookofthemonth Instagram

What it is: We LOVE to read all kinds of books! Book of the Month helps you discover amazing new books every month. Bonus: All the books are the same dimensions, so these hardcover beauties look wonderful on your bookshelf. 

Price point: Starting at $49.99 for a 3 month gift

Why we love it: Book of the Month’s recommendations are on point. The 5 books featured each month cover multiple genres, and of course offer the option to skip anytime. 

Where to buy it:


Charitable Giving

We couldn’t finish this list without including Holiday Giving. Sometimes, the best gift is helping others and contributing to charitable organizations. 

For the person who truly has everything, consider a donation to a charitable organization or cause they support!


Whether you’re reading this gift guide to find a gift for yourself or others, we hope you find joy in these ideas, and please share your own!



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