It’s almost time to Retreat!

retreat May 24, 2022

The first ever Mindfulness Incubator Retreat is right around the corner, and we could not be more excited!

The vision to host retreats emerged right alongside Mindfulness Incubator. There is something so special about bringing people together in an environment that allows them to get in touch with their favorite selves, and renew away from the chaos, the hustle, the grind, the obligations of their day to day lives. 

Today’s post shares a bit about the retreat and the incredible providers that are coming together to create the experience. We are also sharing the six essential elements of a retreat, and how you can create your own (in case joining the Mindfulness Incubator retreat doesn’t fit in your schedule or budget yet!). 


The retreat journey

The four day, three night retreat will take our participants on a short, but powerful journey. It’s been created to provide an immersive, deeply relaxing and inspiring experience. 

Day 1 - Arrive and Release

Transition into relaxation right when you arrive so you can be fully immersed in the experience. Explore the accommodation and amenities of the incredible KitFox resort, and meet your fellow retreat participants. We come together for a welcome contemplation, enjoy a family-style welcome meal in the great outdoors, and conclude the evening with a guided Sunset drum circle. 

Day 2 - Renew and Restore

We awaken on our first morning in the New Mexico desert and greet the day with mindful movement and meditation. Enjoy your locally roasted craft coffee in your tent, or take in the beautiful views. Today’s lunch will be a picnic that can be taken on a hike, or in the comforts of the resort. There are endless ways to experience your relaxation today. We come together to explore how energy moves through us, as the sun sets and the stars rise. 

Day 3 - Inspire and Discover

Today we set our sights on the life we want to create. We once again greet the day with mindful movement. Sound healing and breathwork pull us out of our overthinking mind, with crystal singing bowls inviting us into the present moment with their wonderful vibrations. In the afternoon, we create our vision and intention through an interactive, creative workshop. For our last evening together, we’ll be serenaded by a live acoustical performance by Atalaya. 

Day 4 - Sustain with Intention

It’s the last day, and we are relaxed, at ease, and transformed. There’s still a bit more in store: mindful movement and meditation, and another session around how we take what we’ve created here forward. 


The retreat providers

It’s been incredible to connect with some amazing people who are coming together to help make this experience unforgettable. Here’s a bit more about them.

The location

Our gathering will be taking place close to Santa Fe, New Mexico at the luxurious KitFox Glamping Resort, a beautifully appointed, woman owned dream of a venue. The 11 luxury tents are situated on 160 private acres, and will be for the exclusive use of the retreat. The property is nestled in 10,000 acres of Galisteo Basin Preserve, offering miles of trails and pristine nature. Whether it’s to enjoy the quiet of the morning, or the dazzling night skies, KitFox is where nature puts on a show. 

The food

Partnering with KitFox is Dig & Serve, specializing in off-grid culinary event creations. The team at Dig & Serve knows how to showcase what is local and in season. They put together stunning, delicious, flavorful meals that are equal parts comforting and surprising. 

Mindful Movement & Contemplation

We are fortunate to have multiple local artists and providers coming together to facilitate experiences in our stunning venue: Abby Dobbs will guide us through a welcome meditation and contemplation, Natasha Scott will guide morning Yoga & Meditation. Richard Grace will join us for a Sound Healing & Breathwork experience. 


The retreat will feature custom designed workshops created by Stephanie G., a seasoned Tech Leader, Executive Coach, and Health Counselor. The workshops are focused on vision and goal setting, establishing priorities and how to incorporate these intentions into life when you reenter the chaos. 

The unexpected

Photo by @CinematicsOnly

From an interactive Drumming experience, to Live Music and Energy work, there is so much more in store. This is only a flavor!

You can learn more about each of the sessions and providers on the retreat page.


Retreats at any budget

Retreats are definitely an investment. As an all-inclusive, immersive experience, they can be quite a bit more expensive than a simple hotel stay. A vacation so often ends up either overscheduled, or with us taking care of everyone else’s needs. When you go on a retreat, it’s about you. You’re being taken care of. There is no other experience that offers the transformation in wellbeing and the deep, restorative renewal of a retreat. 

If a retreat isn’t in your budget (yet!), you can DIY! Check out this recent blog post that describes the essential elements of a retreat:

  1. Dedicated time - carve out a specific day or time where you can be focused on your wellbeing
  2. A clear theme and intention - set an intention for what you hope to get out of your experience
  3. A relaxing setting - create an environment that supports your relaxation, that is free from distractions and interruptions
  4. Contemplation - whether you are meditating or journaling, include a time to quiet the mind and reconnect to yourself
  5. Movement - incorporate some mindful movement - a walk or a yoga class can be done from anywhere
  6. Personal growth - set an intention for yourself going forward

You can check out more details about each of these on the blog post, and download your own DIY retreat guide here

We hope you invest in your wellbeing with a dedicated retreat experience, whether you create your DIY retreat with the guide, or you join us at our Mindfulness Incubator Retreat


KitFox Resort and Experience Photos by: Ian Beckley, Elizabeth Wells, Dakota Cleveland, Evan Pierce, Kayleigh Maes, Mia Stallard, Riley Russill

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