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product recommendations summer May 31, 2022
Summer Products

Summer is almost here. What does summer mean to you? Family road trips? Camping? A day at the beach? Fun in the backyard? A little bit of everything? 

It’s always fun to learn what new items have hit the market, and to hear from friends what’s really elevated their summer fun. We’ve put together our favorite product recommendations to keep you hydrated, shaded, cozy and having a blast! 

Let us know which you love…and what you think should be added to the list.

As always, we don’t make a dime off these products, we only share what we love!


Our favorites for staying safe in the sun

“Too much unprotected exposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause skin damage, eye damage, immune system suppression, and skin cancer.” (source) Sun safety is essential, and that means both wearing sunscreen daily (whether it’s cloudy or not), and making clothing choices that help keep you protected.

  • Wide brimmed sun hat -  We love the function of the Outdoor Research Sumbriolet hat. It stands up to the elements well, and gives shade all around! There are lots of stylish options, but hats that provide protection from the sun should be a summer staple for the whole family. 
  • Long sleeved clothing for sun protection - Sun Hoodies are a revelation. They are lightweight, comfortable and keep you protected. This one from REI is a favorite, and comes in women’s, men’s and kids sizes. 
  • UPF Clothing - There are a number of brands that offer clothing that includes sun protection. Coolibar is one brand, their mission is to protect people from the sun, and they have an extensive lineup of clothing that do just that. They have a line of UPF dresses that are comfortable and easy to clean. 


Our favorites for staying hydrated

Drinking water and staying hydrated has well documented benefits. When you’re out and about during the summer, it can be easy to forget. Carrying around a reusable water bottle, and boosting your beverages with electrolytes can help!

  • Yeti wide mouth bottle - We love this 26 or 18oz bottle because it’s easy to clean (and can be put in the dishwasher!), easy to carry, and keeps drinks cool for longer. 
  • Brumate 3-in-1 - If you’re looking to keep a sparkling beverage cool, the Brumate Hopsulator 3-in-1 is hard to beat. For 12oz cans, you can slide in a freezable adapter. Swap out the lid to seal in hot or iced coffee in a spill proof container. 
  • Liquid IV Electrolytes - For an extra boost in your hydration, Liquid IV offers electrolyte powders in a variety of flavors. They’re easy to carry around and taste delicious! (Strawberry is the current favorite over here.) 


Our favorites for a road trip

It’s a staple for many summer adventures: the road trip. Keep your gang fed, organized and entertained with some of these products. 

  • Car organizer - Keep everything organized and accessible for all the passengers. These are great to store games, books, snacks, water bottles and more! You can also try a model that fits behind the seat.
  • Collapsible Cooler - Keep your drinks and snacks handy and temperature controlled. This model is small enough to fit on the floor or between seats, and can be folded to be put away when not in use. 
  • Bentgo boxes - a leakproof, multi compartment box for a tasty meal on the go. These also work great for school lunches. 
  • Cute Owl Shaped Coolers - to keep your meals nice and cool. They slide easily into a lunchbox or a bigger cooler, and won’t leave a puddle like melting ice. 
  • Entertainment - If you’re hitting the road for a long time, try audiobooks (Chronicles of Narnia are fantastic for keeping a mixed aged crowd entertained), or try loading some interactive apps (that don’t require wifi) on a device.


Our favorites for a spontaneous day of fun in the backyard

Some of the best summer fun is unplanned! Here are a few things you can keep on hand for when the unexpected happens. 


Our favorites for a day at the beach

Splashing in the water, building sandcastles. Beach trips are a blast! Here are a few ideas to bring more comfort and convenience to the experience. 


Our favorites for a cool summer evening

Summers spent by the campfire are a personal favorite. Keep cozy and grooving with these products.

We hope these recommendations bring a little sunshine, comfort and ease to the summer months ahead! 

And remember, the point of all of this is to enjoy the moment. It’s not about more stuff, it’s about creating memories, and being present with those you’re sharing them with. 

If you want to add something to the list, shoot us an email, we’re all about sharing the love.


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