Create more space this week in 3 steps

overwhelm time Oct 16, 2022

Do you start the week feeling like you're already out of time? The to-do list overflows, and as the week progresses you try to pack even more in, without taking anything out. How often do we try to put our head down and push through? 

Here are three things you can do to set yourself up for a week with more ease.

1. Review your calendar for the week

Could there be some commitments on your calendar that made sense weeks ago when they were set up, but don't anymore? Review your upcoming meetings for the week, and ask yourself: 

  • Are there meetings that could be an email? Cancel them. 
  • Are there meetings you're not essential to? Let them know you won't be coming, and will check the notes. 
  • Are there meetings that would be more effective with an agenda? Ask for one.
  • Are there meetings that should be shorter, or at a different time to ensure you have the right content? Suggest it be changed (or if you own it, make the change).



2. Give yourself a break

Choose one of your recurring obligations and give yourself a break. Do you make dinner for your family every night? Choose a night for takeout, cut some corners with some pre-prepped items (like rotisserie chicken, or pre-washed and cut ingredients), or opt for an easy to make meal. Maybe you choose a laundry service instead of spending hours folding. Look at what's taking up your time, and find a way to get a break from it, even if only for one week. 


3. Set your priorities & cut the distractions

At the beginning of your day, ask yourself "what is the most important thing I need to accomplish today?". Then ensure you have a block of uninterrupted time to tackle it. We often postpone the important in favor of the urgent. Don't fall into this too-common trap! Then, get the most out of the time you're setting aside for your priority by minimizing digital distractions: turn on your do not disturb on your phone, close unrelated tabs and windows on your computer, and find a space where you won't be interrupted. Distractions cost us time and attention, and you can tackle your priorities more effectively when you make them disappear. You can learn more about how to maximize your focus time and breaks in this blog post.


What time traps cost you time?

To learn more about time traps and how to beat them, check out our last blog post and our latest resource: 7 common time traps that keep career women feeling overwhelmed....and 7 easy actions to start defeating them today.



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The 4 week program will focus on:

  1. Understanding where our time is going, and creating future time goals that set a baseline for a life with more ease.
  2. Creating time in your day through a step by step process to stop, shrink and maximize what's on your plate. 
  3. Building time boundaries that help you protect your space, and being absolutely confident in exercising them. 
  4. Mindset & presence, how to interrupt the overwhelm swirl and be present in the moments that matter. 

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