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favorite things mindful shopping Mar 01, 2022

The days are gradually getting longer, there’s a little bit more sunshine. Whispers of spring cleaning and organization are in the air!

Are you looking up to freshen up your home? Or are you wondering if you’re missing out on some products that could legitimately make a difference in your quality of life?  Here are some of our very favorite things. 

We don’t earn anything from sharing our recommendations. Every product shown is here because it has had a real positive impact. We hope you find them helpful too!


Our favorite things for sleeping

SOL Organics sheets

These sheets are like slipping into soft heaven. The sleeping experience was an order of magnitude above anything else we’d ever experienced. We also love that they use 100% organic cotton, and have a commitment to ethical and transparent production. They are a very worthwhile splurge, but they also run regular sales!

Bedgear Performance Pillows

Have you ever had a pillow that was especially designed for the way you sleep? Bedgear stomach sleeper pillows were a revelation. The right pillow makes a huge difference!

TheraOne Organic CBD Tincture

Formulated with Certified Organic CBD, along with Lavender, Chamomile and Valerian. This CBD tincture has taken the edge off of an overactive mind or unwelcome anxiety more than once, allowing a restful night sleep.

OuraRing tracker

Quality sleep is so important. Oura tracks your sleep, restfulness, sleep cycles, resting heart rate and heart rate variability. It advises on your optimal time to go to sleep, and helps you learn what leads to good (or less ideal) sleep. 

Layla Weighted blanket

Weighted blankets can have a calming effect that helps with falling and staying asleep. We’ve found them to be really helpful! Layla blankets have the microglass beads (what gives the blanket weight) well sewn in, so you don’t end up with tiny bits of glass everywhere like some cheaper blankets. 

Our favorite things for the kitchen 

Le Creuset non-stick pans

There’s been some debate on nonstick pans. The older ones can leach harmful forever chemicals. These Le Creuset pans are PFOA-free and have a reinforced surface, to help meet your nonstick cooking needs, while keeping your family safe.

Fresh Tea Towels

This may not be all that common, but in our household we end up with lots of mismatched, old, stained towels. Any fresh towels feel like an upgrade, but these look beautiful and are at a great price, and have multiple colors to match your kitchen’s colors!

Utopia Kitchen Flour Sack Tea Towels

Speaking of towels, these Tea Towels are a great alternative to using a boatload of paper towels. Keep stacks on hand, and toss them in the laundry when they’ve been used. 

OXO Storage Containers

These are a giant upgrade over ziploc bags. They allow you to see what’s inside, and seal tight to keep the contents fresh. 

Vitamix Blender

We are big fans of smoothies, and the Vitamix defeats even the toughest set of ingredients. 

AmazonBasics Silicone Mats

These are revolutionary. They go under anything we’re baking - cookies, bacon, roasted vegetables or meats. They keep things from cooking, and make cleaning up much easier. 

Foldable roll up drying rack

Upgrade your air drying game with this slatted roll up mat. Put it right over your sink and allow your hand washables to dry without getting in contact with bacteria that can accumulate in towels or absorbing mats. 


Our favorite things for the table top

Fable Home Tableware & Flatware

It took a LONG time to upgrade dishes in our household. Fable’s dishes are handmade in Portugal, and have a beautiful look and heft, and a reasonable price. Their bundles are great, but you can also purchase items individually. Their flatware is also beautiful and hefty. 

Scandinovia Unbreakable Glasses

For the kiddos, we love these beautiful glasses that are BPA free and indestructible. 

Waterproof, washable tablecloth

These tablecloths look great, repel water, and stand up to the washing machine incredibly well. We love to have a couple on hand and rotate them!

Our favorite things for laundry & cleaning

Dropps detergent

Dropps delivers laundry or dishwashing detergent, shipped in biodegradable packaging. Their stuff really works, and it dramatically cuts back on the waste usually associated with laundry and cleaning products. 

Blueland Cleaning Products

Also focused on reducing single used plastics, without compromising on quality. Blueland offers a range of hand soaps, as well as dish and home cleaners. 

Easy to carry hampers with handles

Life got so much easier once we had one of these in every bedroom. For laundry day, just carry it downstairs and dump it all in the machine.  

Extra rubbermaid laundry baskets

Why did we live so long with only one laundry basket? It is so handy to have a few on hand, especially when laundry falls behind schedule. Having an extra basket sure beats Mt. Laundry accumulates on the living room couch waiting for folding. 

Dyson cordless vacuum

The Dyson cordless vacuums aren’t cheap, but they are powerful, have long lasting batteries, and are backed up with great service should something go wrong. These little tornadoes help clean up messes anywhere in the house, no need to plug and unplug. 


Our favorite things for bath time

Charisma Towels

These towels are only available at Costco, but they are outstanding. Incredible value, super soft, and holds up really well!

Earthling Co Shampoo, Condition and Soap Bars

For anyone looking to reduce their environmental footprint, Earthling products are effective and so much more environmentally friendly! We featured them in our Mindful Holiday Gift Guide!

Mansfield Robe

This is the exact robe that’s used at Canyon Ranch Spa in Woodside CA. It’s SO soft, and makes coming out of the shower a luxurious experience!

Favorite things for Self Care

Naturopathica Lip Balm, Hand Cream and Teas

The lip balm is the most decadent smelling experience, and helps with chapped lips. Their lemon verbena hand cream helps relieve dried hands. We also love their teas, especially the ginger turmeric one!

CLEAR Ultra-Light Daily Hydrating Fluid SPF 30+

Sunscreen is a self care must. This one goes on incredibly light, and is fantastic to put on by itself or under makeup. It’s so light, it does not feel like anything is on. 

Jade Yoga Mat

Jade mats are wonderful to use, and are all natural and eco friendly. We’ve tried a lot, and these top the list!

Super soft throw blankets

Whether it’s on a couch cozying up for a movie, or to throw on top of a bed, Nordstrom has some excellent, super soft throws that look great and hold up really well to use and abuse. 


Our favorite things for contemplation

Archer & Olive Journals

The Archer & Olive notebooks were also in the Mindful Holiday Gift Guide. They are a joy to write in, draw in, paint in, and have a fabulous mission. 

BestSelf.Co Planner

BestSelf’s stuff comes up pretty often in our posts. They have some great planners that can help guide focus, intention and productivity. 

Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Cushion

Meditation is a daily practice, and we just love the Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Cushion. It’s comfortable and sustainable. 

BOSE Quietcomfort Noise Canceling Headphones

Having quiet contemplation can be a challenge when you share your home with kids, roommates, spouses or pets. These Noise Canceling headphones are excellent in blocking out the ambient noise and get immersed in your contemplation. 


Favorite things to work from home

Glass computer whiteboard

To combat the proliferation of infinite post-its, try this glass computer mini-whiteboard! Jot down notes real time, and get rid of them once they’re no longer relevant. 

Craft and office supply organizer

These clear containers help keep office supplies, or kids craft materials tidy and together. 

Laptop stand

If you’re working from your laptop, a stand like this one helps make sure the screen is at the right level, and supports a more ergonomic neck posture. 

Varidesk Sit Stand Desk

Sitting all day can impact your energy levels and your long term health. If you’re working from home quite a bit, consider investing in a sit-stand desk like this one…. 

Fluidstance Balance Board for Standing Desk

…and with a standing desk, try a balance board to keep your small muscles engaged as you stand. 


In closing, remember less is more!

Innovative products can help improve and enrich our lives. But they can also clutter our homes and our minds. 

If you see any of these products and don’t feel a “holy moly YES!”, then you probably don’t need it. Extra clutter means more work later. Don’t do it!

What products have improved your life? Let us know, and we’ll add them to the list!


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