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Apr 19, 2022
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Last week was Mindfulness Incubator’s 20th blog post, and we’re also celebrating six months since our first post launched!

To celebrate, we are revisiting our favorite blog posts so far. Many of them include downloadable guides, resources and workbooks. If you haven’t already, check them out!


Our favorite post for enduring in challenging times

Mindfulness: Making peace when all your options suck


Coping with the demands of work and home takes a toll in the best of times. What do we do when we're faced with unexpected hardship? Some sucky situations cannot be fixed, so what’s left? In this post, we explore how Mindfulness, Acceptance and Self-Compassion can help us endure difficult times. 

Why we love it

Sometimes life is really hard. There’s also this step by step Mindfulness & Self Acceptance in Crisis Guide

Runner up: Coping with Grief is a great resource for navigating and explaining grief. 


Our favorite post for giving and receiving hard feedback at work

Perception: A tool to Mindfully manage your Work Life


Whether you’re in the middle of performance reviews, just got difficult feedback, or need to share challenging feedback with a colleague, this post explores the importance of understanding and managing perception. You'll find resources to deepen your understanding of why perception matters, tools to build a greater awareness of how you're perceived, and actions you can take to shift perception to support your career goals. This is a great post to revisit yourself, or to share with a colleague!

Why we love it

“Perception is the copilot to reality”. This quote comes from Carla’s Pearls of Wisdom video. We love the practical advice to understand how you’re perceived, and how to go about shifting perception if it’s not serving you. 


Our favorite post for goal setting

Create Your Vision Board - A Practical Guide for Setting your 2022 Intentions


Goal setting is one of the foundational elements of living with purpose and intention. This blog post was launched just in time for New Year contemplation, but the process and guidance is timeless. It outlines a six step process to help you establish your goals, and create a compelling and inspiring vision board for 2022. Goal setting can kick off anytime, so follow along to set clear goals and intentions. This framework will be the foundation for the goal setting workshop at our upcoming Digital Detox & Renewal Retreat

Why we love it

In the post, you'll find reflection exercises, brainstorming prompts and guided visioning, along with a framework for setting your 2022 intentions. There’s also a downloadable PDF - the DIY Goal Setting Workshop

Our favorite post for preparing for and returning from vacation

Crush the vacation wind down - Five steps to set your future self up for success


Going on vacation doesn’t have to guarantee chaos when you return. This post lays out an easy five step process that you can follow to set yourself up for successful time away, and a smooth return. 

Why we love it 

It doesn’t take much effort to totally transform the ramp back. With summer vacation season ramping up, the advice feels timely to revisit. And we love the Vacation Wind Down Template that’s included, making following the step by step process easy!

Our favorite post to take charge of where and how you spend your time

Boost your resilience: Four strategies to manage your workload at home and at work


This post introduces four strategies you can implement to help keep overwhelm at bay through intentional management of your obligations. The are: 

  1. Understand what responsibilities and obligations are consuming your time - We talk about systems at home (Eve Rodsky's Fair Play system) and at work (Time Inventory)
  2. Actively engage in your priorities - Understand your top 3 priorities and employ the 40-30-20-10 approach.
  3. Don’t default to yes - including some handy holding statements to buy yourself some time, ways to evaluate whether the ask makes sense, and how to say no.
  4. Contain your work with boundaries - Limits are helpful, they help guide priorities.

Why we love it

Awareness is such a powerful tool, and this process helps enhance it. The post includes a Time Inventory Analysis template and step by step guide.

Our favorite post for treating yourself to a much needed break

Retreats at any budget (including DIY!)


This post explores the concept of a personal retreat as a way to reset and recharge. It includes the typical components of a retreat, and how you can DIY a very affordable “Self Retreat” (no big expense required). The six elements are:

  1. Dedicated time for wellbeing
  2. A clear theme & intention
  3. A relaxing setting
  4. Contemplation
  5. Movement
  6. Personal Growth 

Why we love it

The post includes a downloadable DIY Retreat Guide, so you can create your own retreat experience anywhere, at any budget. 

Runner up: Skill building: Better focus. Better breaks - a great post on how to improve the quality of your focus time and your breaks throughout the day, and the importance of both!


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Shopping lists that feature our favorite, most helpful products, either as gifts or to treat yourself!


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Posts revisit resources and concepts related to improving your physical or mental wellbeing.

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